Tennis Elbow Treatment

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) resolves spontaneously in 80% of people. However, for the 20% that remain chronic, the condition is miserable and almost nothing in the literature shows benefit. In this 16 minute narrated video, 3 types of injections are discussed: PRP, hyaluronic acid and stem cells.  Take a look at the future now.

We are currently conducting a study at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. Call Bat-el to enroll: 025645503

Tennis elbow is a painful condition.  Most people who have it do NOT play tennis.  People complain about pain at the outside of their elbow with almost any use of the hand but especially with gripping.  Amazingly, though literally hundreds of articles have been written, almost none have shown any effective treatment.  The exception is injection with hyaluronic acid.

For three years, I have been treating patients with injections of hyaluronic acid.  Early results have shown over 80% success rates.  This includes people that have failed all conservative treatment and would otherwise be scheduled for surgery.  Hylauronic acid is better known as a medication for knee arthritis, and almost unknown as a treatment for pain from tendons (tendinosis or tendinopathy).  Tendinopathy can include middle-aged people with rotator cuff pain or young athletes with tendon strain.  This study has tremendous potential for helping people with many conditions involving pain related to conditions of the tendon.

We have designed a study that is very scientific.  We are studying 2 groups of people – one group gets hyaluronate and a control group getting saline (salt-water) injections.  The study will take two years to complete and we started over a year ago. This study has been registered at and already has Helsinki (ethics committee) approval.


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