Dog related injuries

First of all – I really like dogs and have had a few in my life…

Here are the top dog related ways that people get injury by dogs and some ways to avoid injury:

  • Holding a leash – when your hand or fingers are either holding a regular leash or your hand is
    yummy squirrel!

    yummy squirrel!

    inside the leash, if the dog suddenly takes off, you and your hand are at risk for serious injury.  People get pulled off balance and fall breaking ankles and hips.  The fingers can get twisted and broken.  The wrist can get seriously sprained.  I have seen all of these injuries.  The safest option is a grip that gets pulled out of your hand or gives the dog more leash and gives you time to react.

  • Dog fights – The instinct is to reach in and pull away on of the dogs.  NEVER use your hand to reach in and pull away a dog!  In the heat of battle, your dog and the other dog are both liable to bite your hand.   Here are two links on how to break up a dog fight properly:      from the ASPCA    from leerburg
  • Dogs often can get underfoot.  People commonly trip over their dogs at home.  One example is while cooking the dog can find a warm spot behind someone, and when they move away the person loses balance and falls.